Master P, Seth Green Join Forces For Hip-Hop RPG

master_p.jpgRPG development dream teams may contain names like Aonuma, Sakaguchi, Uematsu, Toriyama, Matsuno. Most, but not all, of these collaborations are mere pipe dreams; the stuff of fanboy fantasy. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, a new, unexpected development dream team may be brewing, bringing home the ultimate hip-hop role playing game. Seth Green, of Robot Chicken and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame, and Master P, rap recording mogul, are reportedly working on Play The Industry, a Sims-like RPG that lets gamers simulate the rise to fame. I'll give you a few minutes to let that sink in.Green's Stoopid Monkey Productions and ShadowMachine Films are in the planning and scripting stages for the game, due to hit some unspecified lucky platforms in late 2009. The game does not yet have a developer locked down, nor, I assume, a publisher.

But I'm fairly certain of one thing. If we're lacking in anything these days, it's hip-hop lifestyle simulations. Seriously. I think we really are.

'Industry' has a new player with Master P [Hollywood Reporter]


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