'Metanomics' - A New Series on the Metaverse and ... Stuff

metanomics.png If you're interested in the issues surrounding the metaverse (especially in terms of economics and policy), Metaversed is pairing up with the Cornell Johnson School of Management to offer a series of speakers and a website to discuss issues within the metaverse: economics, law, policy, technology, etc. Robert Bloomfield explains the goal and scope of the series over at Terra Nova:

Thie series is open to anyone who wants to hear from - and engage with - academics, industry leaders, regulators and influential virtual-world residents...

...Events are only the grain of sand in the oyster. We hope to get pearls from constructing a way for people interested in metanomics to engage with the speaker and with each other in serious discusion before and after the session, and create an archive that future can serve as essential reading for future metanomicists (ok, that word doesn't work so well. Metanomists?).

We plan to accomplish this by having suggested readings before each session, inviting readers to suggest readings of their own, as well as questions for speakers. After each session, we will post archives of the event, along with post-event analyses.

It'll be taking place in everyone's favourite virtual world, Second Life, but will be available to everyone whether you want to venture into Second Life or not.

Metanomics blog [via Terra Nova]


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