Microsoft: PS3 Consumers Paying For Technology They Don't Need

the_other_cornelius.jpgIn a new opinion piece at MCV, UK marketing manager for Xbox 360 hardware Dan Cornelius explains why the company dropped the price of the Xbox 360 across the board. The answer is, of course, "We really want to sell more Xbox 360s" with the rest of the advertorial simply reading like a sales pitch or marketing speech Don didn't get to read in public. Cornelius' best quote from the piece is his stance on the Blu-ray and wi-fi enabled PLAYSTATION 3. He reiterates that Microsoft's philosophy "is about giving people the same experience as our other consoles, but letting them upgrade when they feel comfortable doing so - and not to foot a huge bill for technology they don't need."True. One can easily argue that no one needs a Blu-ray player. One could also argue that some gamers do need wi-fi built in if they want to get online with their consoles. Paying $US99 (or £59.99) for an Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter is also kind of a huge bill to foot for some.

But Dan's definitely spot on with another topic. With an Xbox 360 Core priced at the same point as the Wii in the UK, it's sure to help Christmas sales. You know what else would help? J Allard's Xtreme Fitness in the works with a snazzy mountain bike controller. Could be huge.

Why we dropped the 360's price [MCV]


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