Microsoft Replacing Scratched Halo 3 Discs

scratchedisk.jpgAs mentioned earlier over at the Consumerist, reports coming in from all over the country that due to the way they were packaged in the limited edition tin, buyers of the LE and Legendary versions of the game are discovering the game disc inside to be horribly scratched. I picked up the LE this morning, and as you can see above, it's not in the best of shape. I played the game for about a half hour to see if it worked, and things ran fine, so you might want to give it a go before trying to return it. The good news is Microsoft will be offering free replacements of both the game and Essentials discs until December 31st. Of course you'll have to give up the game while you wait, but it's only Halo 3.

Editor's note: You can find our original coverage here and here.

Microsoft to replace scratched Halo 3 disks []


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