Microsoft Responds To Bizarre Acquisition

pgr4wet.jpgBizarre signing with Activision is good news for Bizarre: I'm sure they'll enjoy developing games for multiple platforms, and I know they'll enjoy the fat pay cheque the purchase would have netted them. But what do Microsoft think of the whole thing? They own the Project Gotham Racing franchise, so Bizarre jumping ship leaves big question marks over the future of the series. Microsoft have issued a short statement, which reads:

Project Gotham Racing is a signature racing franchise for Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE and we plan to continue the series but we have nothing further to announce.

Nice and simple. They plan to continue the series. Only thing left unclear for now is what happens to the "improvements" Bizarre were making for PGR5, who Microsoft drag in to take over the series and whether they leave things be or try and move PGR in a different direction. Which...well, now you look at it that's a whole lot of things left unclear. What's Next for Project Gotham Racing? [1UP]


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