Microsoft Smuggles 65nm Inside Halo 3 Xbox 360

Microsoft Smuggles 65nm Inside Halo 3 Xbox 360

h360_01.jpgThat’s right – at this very moment, you could own an Xbox 360 sporting the much fabled 65nm CPU and GPU. It appears – according to a thread on the official Xbox forums – that Microsoft has, under the guise of the recently released Halo 3 360, soft-launched the 65nm edition of its console.

What does this mean in layman’s terms if you happen to own one? Firstly, it means you’re much more awesome than all of your friends. Even the hot ones. Secondly, the 65nm chips run cooler and consume less power than their tardy 90nm counterparts… which can be found in every other Xbox 360 in the world. Except your one, of course.

We were under the impression for a long time that such hardware would debut in the Elite. But, it didn’t. I don’t entirely understand why Microsoft hasn’t made a bigger deal out of the 65nm Halo 3 consoles… maybe they were concerned they’d anger everyone who’s already forked over the dosh for the Elite.

Finding out whether you’re 65nm-enabled – as it were – is not exactly simple: you need to take your console apart. Let’s just assume if your Halo 3 box is a lot cooler to the touch and quieter than a standard unit, you’re probably one of the chosen.

Update: Quote from one of the forum posts with some insight on how to identify your unit without slicing it in two:

Damn Lucky me. I just traded my old console in for the Halo 3 console. I haven’t had the chance to check it out with a flashlight, but I’m almost certain i have the new 65mn heatsink. Simply because the machine is about 50% more quiet then original premium I had. I think it’d be helpful if those who have the halo 3 console check to see if they too have the heatsink and then post the manufactuer date, to maybe help give a rough estimate of what consoles to look for, for those who’d like to purchase or trade in for a newer Xbox 360.

How to see if you have a 65nm (Falcon) console… [ forums, thanks Steve Walker!]


  • on the forums it was stated that the halo 3 console that had the 65nm chip/cpu had a build date of 24.8.2007 or in usa terms (2007.8.24) and lot number 0734 team FDOU…now i’d be very interested if there is a lot number 0734 here in Australia. Cos i seriously cannot wait any longer.
    oh my god my blood pressure is gone up again beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  • This looks fake to me…

    He called it a heatsink? I’ve heard that 360s have been running quieter for a long time now.

    The 65nm chipset isn’t just an additional heatsink, it’s the CPU that has changed. They’re basing it off a new heatsink in a new model, not actually seeing the CPU.

    And we’re supposed to believe that the “savior” of the RRoD is not going to get publicity when it gets released.

    I’m calling bs >.>

  • The color scheme they’ve used on that Halo console is seriously one of the best i’ve ever seen. That camo shit is damn hawt.

  • I recently purchased a Halo 3 SE Xbox 360. It has a build date of 2007.8.21 BUT has a lot number of 0734 team FDOU. Can it be possible that my 360 is 65nm-enabled?

  • My nephew has a premium 360 made 4-2006 and its 50% quieter than mine.I mean you cant hardly even hear it, so dont think that it being quiet is the sign of a new 65nm board.

  • Pure speculation in that xbox forum. Definitely nothing substantial enough to support the title of this article. They’re using the logic that a new heatsink must = 65nm chip with no other evidence.

  • I am the original author of the aformentioned thread in the Xbox forums. I just wanted to point out a few things:

    1. The Halo 3 console that the pictures come from has been tested for power consumption, and also has a new revision on the CPU…
    2. The power consumption is about 33% less than the tester’s Elite.
    3. The CPU now has a revison A01 instead of A00, and is also manufactured in Canada, not Taiwan.

    I did not make that guide because I saw a new heatsink. If you look at this page of the Falcon discussion:, you will see the original pictures of the console heatsink as well as the CPU.

  • ive got a halo 3 edition and the thing is just as loud as my original xbox 360 (which succumbed to the ring of death btw). if this one dies, im gonna slit my wrists

  • Ummm, how would this upset consumers?
    it would only upset the retarded ones.
    See, it makes no difference, it runs at exactly the same speed, just how the fuck is this exciting news anyway?

    Weve seen this for many, many years now.
    The PS2 has gone trough many of these changes over it’s life time, 2 just in the PStwo incarnation, and many more when it was the bigger box, (like merging the graphics chip with the EE)

    Not intresting at all, pretty standard stuff to see, it reduces costs for them, that’s the main reason they do it.

  • What forum can I go to in Australia to find gamers discussing the LOT numbers and when we will get the right 360’s?

    I want an Elite, SOON but I want one of the new ones, manufactured absoloutely as recently as possible.

  • I can’t believe nobody has jumped on the most obvious misprint in this entire article… which was in the first sentence… “… you could own an Xbox 360 sporting the much fabled 65nm CPU and GPU.”

    it’s ONLY the CPU that is going 65nm… the GPU won’t change until at least midway through next year…

  • Happily I am pleased to admit that I don’t own an Xbox 360 of any form or version and don’t ever plan to so I find it very amusing how anyone can care about what version of CPU they have. Now if Microsoft ever smuggled a reliable product inside a version of Windows THAT would be newsworthy;-) Quite honestly, I am fed up enough with the Microsoft products on my PC without letting them anywhere near my entertainment activities!

  • To Mike…

    … Duhh….

    N its not an “additional heatsink at all. common sence will tell u its a replacement…

    And I am also still w8ing to see if a 65nm chip rockes up in any future elite

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