Microsoft's Gala UK H3 Launch Party

galahalo.jpgMicrosoft is doing up London big time next Tuesday for the UK launch of Halo 3. The company has rented out the city's biggest theatre, the BFI IMAX for the exclusive launch party hosted by rapper/skateboarder/Carl Sagan fan Pharrel Williams. Williams will betaking on members of the public in Halo 3 matches as well as various European celebrities via Xbox Live. The red carpet event is not open to the public, unfortunately, as we can't have the common refuse elbow-to-elbow with VIPs, celebrities, and the few lucky competition winners that will attend, but if you stand outside the IMAX theatre on the 25th long enough you might get to catch a whiff of their scent, a paramount honour for commoners like ourselves.

US megastar Pharrell Williams launches Halo 3 in the UK

Music icon flies to London to host a video game launch party like never before

London, 18th September 2007: US music superstar Pharrell Williams will fly to the UK next week to host a very special party for the launch of Halo 3, Microsoft reveals today.

As anticipation for the game reaches fever pitch, the music icon and self-confessed gaming fanatic will head to London's BFI IMAX cinema on September 25 to host the 'Halo 3 Premiere' which will see him taking on members of the public at the game, and other major celebrities around Europe via Xbox LIVE.

The red carpet affair, which will be attended by VIPs, celebrities and lucky competition winners is just one of a number of similar events happening around Europe as the world's biggest ever video game is released to the masses. The premiere events, which are taking place in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and Milan, will be linked via Xbox LIVE as the stars in each country take on each other for this one-off night where gaming meets partying. For consumers and competition winners, it provides a chance to be amongst the very first to see the game, experience content never seen before and play the most hotly anticipated game ever against their celebrity idols.

Following the London Premiere, at midnight, more than 1,000 retail stores across the UK will throw open their doors giving eager fans the chance to be amongst the first to get their hands on the third installment of the legendary series.

The "Halo" franchise is among the biggest worldwide entertainment properties in history and continues to change the way we think about interactive entertainment.

"Halo" is more than just a video game - it's a truly unique entertainment phenomenon and an experience that has expanded beyond games, into bestselling novels, comics, merchandise and more, and captured the attention of millions of fans including gamers, musicians, celebrities, athletes, and even storytelling visionaries like Peter Jackson. First week revenue of the game is set to outstrip major Hollywood blockbusters like Spiderman 3 or the Harry Potter franchise.

Pre orders for "Halo 3" have soared past 1.25 million globally as the world holds its breath and awaits the launch of the title in Europe on September 26th 2007. Microsoft also revealed that production of the game disc itself has reached 81 per second as it gears up for what is expected to be the biggest entertainment launch in history.


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