Microsoft’s Pre-TGS Presser

Microsoft’s Pre-TGS Presser

DSCF9151.JPG And we’re in! The place isn’t exactly packed, but folks keep filing. Though, right now, I have an entire row to myself. Fingers crossed no one sits next to me. I need room to, you know, stretch out. The event starts at one o’clock which is in 15 minutes. That’s soon! We’ll be live blogging the presser once it starts. DSCF9161.JPGIt’s one o’clock, and the room has filled out a bit more. Some dude sat next to me, too. That bastard. The theme of the presser is “250 Titles. Which one will you choose?” Way better than last year’s theme, “Do! Do! Do!”
DSCF9163.JPGOoooooh. The lights are starting to go down. So romantic! Now a colourful anime type trailer is showing a butt ass load of games and people dancing on boxes. Lights are flashing and Xbox Japan’s honcho Takashi Sensui has taken the stage. He welcomes us all!

Sensui mentions the importance of users, and points to the second floor of the convention hall. It’s filled with 360 Japanese diehards. They shout and applaud.
DSCF9152.JPGHe’s now talking about plans for new games.

Sakaguchi has taken the stage. He brought his stache!!!

The Gooch is now playing through Lost Odyssey. The game is 95 percent complete and Sakaguchi is playing through the first ten minutes. Damn, this game looks nice. Really, really nice.
DSCF9166.JPGThe final game is still a while off. In game, a dude in gold is eating food, which is knocked out of his hand. A rat eats what spilled and turned into a giant plant thingy and catches on fire.

It’s now playable. Kaim is walking through the hard rain. Combat footage of the three person party is shown, which is pretty much what we’ve seen before.
DSCF9172.JPGWhile the game is third person from behind, it’s possible to move the camera right and left, up and down and even zoom in and out.

Kaim, Sess and Yansen are now standing on a cliff. A giant bird appears and there’s another combat scene. Yansen is killed by the dragon bird thingy and BAM, the other two members are dead. Sakaguchi has been taken done! His stach is powerless.

12/6 is the sale date! He thinks they should be able to meet it. He hopes. It won’t be playable at TGS.

It will be playable at a press conference this November. (There will be another presser! With the voice actors, the Gooch, and his stache. Uematsu will give a concert there.)

Gooch keeps mentioning how they are “cutting it close” so don’t be surprised if this game is pushed back. Here is the box art, of course it will be trimmed and what not. It is original art by Inoue.

DSCF9181.JPGSo the game will go on sale for 6,800 yen in December for Japan. It will hit in January for the US and Feb. for Europe.

Now, they are showing a Halo 3 trailer. Because, you know, the Japanese really love Halo. It’s a new trailer! They showed the Japanese TV ad, too. The Halo 3 Xbox 360 will be open priced when the game goes on sale here.

10/11 PGR4 goes on sale.
12/2007 Atsumare! Pinata
And later this year Kingdom Under Fire

Here’s a new Bandai Namco trailer. It’s the Ace Combat 6 trailer. And hey, you can play it on the Xbox 360. And maybe on the PS3. Who knows!

It looks like an extended trailer. Nice trailer. I got goose bumps.
Nah, not really.

Sensui knows! Sensui says that Ace Combat 6 can only be played on the Xbox 360.

There is clapping now. This game will make a killing. Sensui has a big red belt on. What the… The game goes on sale November 1 for 7,800 yen. Gundam Operation Troy will be out this year. Katamari, too. Gundam Musou International is marked as TBA.

Now, there’s a trailer up for a Koei game.

Dynasty Warriors 6 will be out this November and be playable at TGS.

Sensui is talking third parties. Not so exciting!

Devil May Cry 4 looooooooong trailer. Looks of cut scenes, lots of in-game footage. Nero round about, busting shit up. The crowd is into it, clapping. It is dated for 2008. Next year!

He is introducing a new game for the first time, world exclusive.

Ninja Gaiden 2.

The trailer is super short. Blood on Ryu’s sword. Close up of Ryu. He jumps at the camera. That’s pretty much it! Itagaki is on stage, wearing sun glasses. It’s dark in here! “I know many fans think the first one is flawless,” says Itagaki. “But the team doesn’t always think that.”
DSCF9197.JPGItagaki also says that they weren’t able to include all features in the original Xbox prequel. Now they are able to implement all those features. Itagaki has brought the latest build of the game! “Please enjoy the world’s best action game, running on the world’s best hardware,” says Itagaki.

“Originally, they were going to show the Japanese capital scene, but there was an incident with screenshots getting out, so today we’re going to show the Aqua capital.”
DSCF9199.JPGGame play is bloody and like the screen shoots release yesterday. Slicing dudes IN HALF and decapitating enemies. Ryu is now in a market place. The environments look fully destructible. When you slice people in half you can see their innards. Granted, their innards are all red, but I wonder what kind of rating this will get.

Now Ryu is fighting large monsters. The game is chain after chain after chain after chain.

Itagaki stalks off stage. Sensui is back. His red belt is gone! He’s in a suit. Yes, the man just made a costume change. Now, he’s talking Games for Windows Live. He’s running through Age of Empires, Crysis, World in Conflict, the new Pinata game. These will be playable at TGS.

Sensui is now talking about how many games the Xbox 360 has, saying that there are tonnes of games in different genres. “For those who have never played an Xbox 360,” Sensui says, “I really would like them to try the Xbox 360.”

Now, he’s talking about the budget priced Platinum Collection.

The Elite is being discussed for Japan. New coloured Xbox 360 controllers! Hooray. Four ladies walk out on stage, holding different coloured controllers (light blue, black, pink and white). These ladies’ shirts match the controllers. Wow! Sensui is showing the keyboard controller. He can’t get the chat pad to controller to connect. Okay, got it!
DSCF9209.JPGThe Elite is being discussed for Japan. New coloured Xbox 360 controllers! Hooray. Four ladies walk out on stage, holding different coloured controllers (green, black, pink and white). These ladies’ shirts match the controllers. Wow! Sensui is showing the keyboard controller. He can’t get the chat pad to controller to connect. Okay, got it!

He’s going through how to use it and talking about the Media Extender.

Sensui seems kinda nervous. He’s shuttering through part of his speech. Pausing, looking at the teleprompter. Prolly nervous! That, or he misses his red belt. Sensui is now saying how Marketplace is a new business model.
DSCF9216.JPGNew XLA titles Rez HD, Every Extend Extra Exgtreme, Ikaruga, Trigger Heart, Exit and Omega Five. Wow!

Ooooooooh, Square Enix flashes on the screen. Microsoft’s “partner.” The developer is Tri-Ace. So, the three are working on a joint project. Square Enix producer Hajime Kojima is on stage.

The game is called Infinite Discovery. It’s listed in development.
DSCF9222.JPGThey show the trailer, which is a knock out. Very Tri-Ace. Looks great! Hiroshi Ogawa, from Tri-Ace, takes the stage. Features situation battles and full real time.

On to The Last Remant. Square’s Kawazu is on stage. There are no pre-renders in the game and everything is in real time. It won’t be playable at TGS. New trailer, which says “A Square Enix RPG For the World.”

Sensui comes back on stage after the trailer, thanks us all for coming and wanders off. A clip of Xbox Live Arcade plays on the screen and it looks that like that’s a wrap. Yup, it is.

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