Milla Jovovich Talks Game Love

millajowii12.jpg As Milla Jovovich steps into the role of Alice for Resident Evil: Extinction, the actress explains how to tread that line of making a success film adaptation and not pissing off gamers — well, not too much. Games are just good movie fodder, they are "perfect" says Jovovich. According to the actress:

I think the fantastical worlds in video games are very visual so I think they're perfect for movies. I think the danger is that if people are doing it just because it's a good business move they can run into problems. Gamers are very sensitive to people that don't really love the games and aren't fans of the games making movies about them. You really have to love the games to make a good movie about it.

Sounds good! So Jovovich must be a huge gamer, right? Right?

Not really. I'm definitely more of a book person myself...

Another medium that routinely gets manhandled by Hollywood. Lovely! Milla Gaming Talk [Yahoo, Thanks Chilly!]


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