Minter Calls Xbox Live Approval Process "Soul Crushing"

space_giraffe_pain.jpgJeff Minter and Llamasoft's Space Giraffe is currently bugging out the brains of some ten thousand-plus Xbox Live Arcade gamers, beggaring comparisons that range from Joyce's Ulysses to Minter's own Tempest 2000. But in a LiveJournal appropriate lamentation on the need to get away from it all, Minter says his experience dealing with the XBLA re-approval process—Space Giraffe's got some bugs, you see—is akin to a "massive, spirit-crushing inertia."

Poor Jeff. Lay off him already, Giraffe haters! If you love Space Giraffe, though, show Minter some love. Maybe a nice fruit basket or hand knit yak hair sweater would cheer him up.

stage one [Jeff Minter's LiveJournal via 1UP]


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