Miz on Rez 2, Wii Space Channel and Al Gore

ashcraftmiz.jpg While chatting with Tetsuya Mizuguchi, we touched on a variety of things. Things that matter. Like new Rez, more Ulala and Al Gore. What would be better than Rez remake? A Rez sequel. Miz didn't explicitly mention a totally new Rez, but did hint at his interest in doing a Rez sequel. So, why start off with the HD port?

I've heard from many who want to play the original Rez, but couldn't buy it in stores anymore. I feel that's the big reason why we're releasing Rez now. I can't say we're doing Rez 2. I am ready to go to the next level. Sequels are a good approach, and Rez is a life theme for me.

Does that mean Rez 2, Rez 3 and Rez 3? Who knows! Miz does! And another thing he might know about is a Wii version of Space Channel 5. Just think of Wii-mote dancing possibilities. When we put the question straight to Mizuguchi, he seems geniuely surprised, stating:

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh... (grabs heart) Give me water... The Wii is special. It's not such a high def direction, but it's a fun direction as a future toy. That kind of idea always stimulates us in our ideas. This [the Wii]is another direction.

When pushed, he would neither confirm or deny a new Wii version of the game — instead, choosing to sweat it out. But hey, Miz can take the heat. He's worked with Al Gore. For the recent Live Earth concert, Mizuguchi filmed a hologram clip with the former Vice President to be used in a Live Earth stage show with artist audio visual hybrid group Genki Rockets. Since Al Gore is a busy man, and busy men have busy schedules, he was available for exactly 17 minutes for video capture in New York City. Was Miz nervous about meeting Gore?

No, I wasn't nervous. He was nervous. During the filming, I had to give him direction like "relax".

And what did Mizuguchi and Gore talk about between takes? "Global warming".


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