MMOs They'll Never Make

bebratz.jpg I love me some Sexy Videogameland, and the fairly recent addition of 'best of' contests makes it that much more entertaining. Up this week? Pitch the most ridiculous idea for an MMO that you can, putting the most genuine and sincere PR spin on things possible. While it's an exercise in hilarity, it's true that virtual worlds are getting ever-increasing attention from mainstream media and people looking for a piece of the potentially lucrative pie. In a world where there's a Barbie MMO advertised on TV and money is being thrown at maybe they'll work out, maybe they won't ideas, perhaps it's not so ridiculous after all (could fiction possibly be stranger than Be-Bratz?):

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to write a short blurb or pitch for the most implausible, ludicrous MMO idea as if you were framing it to sell. You must write with the sincerest optimism and the most flattering spin — fancy yourself a PR rep for the biggest idiots in the world (which is how Sony's folk must feel these days, poor things) and pitch that lunacy! You must use at least one of the following words/phrases: persistent, dynamic, community, 'tweens, virtual, free-to-play, virtual goods, exclusive content, downloadables, unlockables, real-world item tie-in, USB code, mobile access, customizable, avatar-based, secure, parental controls, celebrity placement, user-generated content. Automatic win if you can (sensibly) use them all.

Hey, one of them could be the next big thing - or at least the next big mainstream media darling.

MMOs They'll Never Make [Sexy Videogameland]


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