Moore Aims EA's Space Lasers At ESPN, Nike, Facebook And MySpace

superlaser_01ds.jpgWe apologise. It's only rumour that EA is in possession of gigantic space lasers. However, if EA were in possession of said space lasers, Peter Moore would be aiming them straight at big sports business entities like ESPN and Nike, and community entities like MySpace and Facebook.

There is a great opportunity to take EA Sports and turn it into a general sports brand that can compete not only with Take-Two and Konami and the other usual suspects in the videogame world...[but also]to look at ourselves in a different way and compete with the likes of Nike and ESPN to win the hearts and minds of a very desirable demographic group, which is the 14-to-34-year-old male worldwide.

So how do you do that?

...I think we have an opportunity to aggregate information and bring it to life with video technologies.

Because in Moore's opinion, MySpace and Facebook are just as dangerous as ESPN and Nike. And everyone must by stomped down in order for EA Sports to reach the stars, stepping upon a pile of bloody corporate corpses for leverage.

It sounds like Moore is fitting right in at his new job.

EA Sports' Moore Puts ESPN in Crosshairs [nextgeneration]


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