Most Awesomest Controller Ever


Wandering the already teeming halls of Tokyo Game Show Thursday I stumbled upon what can only be described by abusing the English language: A broom video game controller that you actually ride to play.

The demo was in Japanese, as was the pamphlet, but it looked as if you played by sitting on a small bicycle seat, dangling your legs down on either side of the broomstick mounted beneath it. The player apparently leans forward to get a hold of the controller and a better view of the screen. According to the pamphlet for Online Mega's Parse Rorunpe you can also tilt the seat forward and backwards 10 degrees. I'm not sure if this is for controlling the game or just so you can pretend you're riding a pony instead of the most awesomest controller ever. Oh and they're are witches, though I'm pretty sure the game doesn't feature any touching. Don't tell Ash.


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