MotorStorm Goes 2.0, New Content Coming Soon

motorstorm_nov_009.jpgEvolution Studios' muddy PLAYSTATION 3 racer Motorstorm will be the proud owner of a new patch any day now, as the game's Community Team Coordinator has revealed on the Euro PlayStation forums. While one of my biggest gripes about Motorstorm is addressed in only the loosest definition of the word—the painfully long and unnecessary load times during vehicle selection—some exploits, bugs and annoyances have been magically fixed through the power of computer programmin' wizardry. Details follow.The 2.0 updates will bring about the following changes:

Vehicle Select enhancement - your last-used vehicle in each class will now be presented as the default choice during vehicle selection. Assigned player colours are now displayed in the lobby to make keeping track of your friends and rivals easier during online races and Eliminator matches. Further Player-Stat Improvements. Purchasers of 'Coyote Revenge' can now race this track in Online and Time Attack. Purchasers of Eliminator Mode will find results from this mode also contribute to their Fame Ranking. Track Exploits for Grizzly and Raingod Mesa have been addressed. Headset support - An occasional firewall conflict with headset communications has been resolved. Headset support - voice comms output now available exclusively through headset.

In addition to the oozing sex appeal of addressing firewall conflicts and other mysterious "improvements and tweaks throughout the game", details on the "Coyote Revenge" download were also disclosed.

Coyote Revenge - mauled into a completely new experience; more technical, new routes and more skillful rivals to battle against. New Tickets - to get the most out of Coyote Revenge, try to master these Revenge Weekend tickets; they cover all difficulty stages and completion will earn a nice surprise. 2 New Vehicles - a pair of special Revenge Weekend machines, chosen for your delectation. Eliminator Mode - played online yet? In this brand new online multiplayer mode being last is a REALLY bad idea; if you can't hack the pace, the consequences can be quite explosive...

The new MotorStorm DLC is confirmed for our European brethren for the 6th of September, but we're still unsure when the new colonies can expect to get content updates. We'll keep you posted.

MotorStorm 2.0 available for download 4th September 2007 [EU PlayStation Forums]


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