Must Have, Must Play Games

090607mario_o.jpgMy most recent package for the Rocky Mountain News was essentially a fancied up list of some of the must-have, must-play games of the year. I mentioned awhile back that I was working on this story and had come up with at least 50 games for the list. Unfortunately, the list couldn't be that long, so I had to cut it down to the top ten and twenty "others." It helped that the list was only supposed to include games coming out the day the story (Sept. 7) ran or later.

The story kicks off with some insight from Gamespot's Tor Thorsen about why it is there are so many top tier games coming out this year, seemingly more than last year.

Hit up the two lists at the links below, but before you do keep in mind that the ten and twenty lists are not sorted in any particular order and that this wasn't meant to be scientific, just my opinion.

Must-have, must-play games and The Best of the Rest


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