My Xbox Live Diamond Card Arrives

faheydiamond.jpgBack before I was a regular poster at Kotaku I was a regular reader of Kotaku, and back in December of 2005 when Crecente posted a story about the Xbox Live Diamond card, I was right there when the program launched to sign up. Stories of happy gamers receiving their shiny plastic cards started surfacing around the middle of last year, but sadly I was not among those shiny happy people (holding hands). Soon my dream of owning a relatively useless piece of plastic faded. Then yesterday, while rifling through bills, I noticed an envelope trimmed in green and gold, with the words 'Diamond Program' beneath a large, friendly Xbox Live logo. Yes friends, today I am a man. I'm not sure why it took the better part of two years, but finally the Platinum Card and accompanying burrito coupon are mine. People really do win.



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