N64 Controller Repurposed

controlbong.jpgWhen I was a little boy of 8 or 9, a sibling of mine who shall remain nameless bought me a kit that let me make and bake a Smurf statue for Christmas, under the condition that I make him what I now know to be a "toker" with the leftover clay. Had I continued down that route, I would have eventually created the N64 controller pipe pictured above, obviously used to partake of natural tobacco products, only years before this. No, this week would be set aside for the revealing of my life-sized Master Chief bong, complete with blue translucent mouthpiece on the back of his neck with Cortana etched on it and a bullet hole in the chest that smokes when you light up. I think I missed my calling.

The Controller Bong [Aeropause]


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