Namco Bandai Pulls PS3 Listings For Xbox 360 Titles

namco_drops_ps3.jpgSome of our more eagle-eyed web surfing readers spotted on the official Namco Bandai Games web site "TBD" release dates for PLAYSTATION 3 versions of both Eternal Sonata and Beautiful Katamari. The latter also included hints about the rumoured Wii SKU. Both titles are currently only confirmed for the Xbox 360. Not long after the stories on each title were posted, Namco Bandai hive workers pulled the listings for the non-Microsoft consoles, leaving only the Xbox 360 release dates up.

Clerical error or something far more sinister?! It's hard to think "sinister" when one is discussing an RPG occurring in the mind of a dying Polish composer or rolling things up with a katamari, so we'll remain simply sceptical of the listings. Maybe we will know more after our trip to Tokyo next week.

Thanks to our tipsters for the heads up.


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