New ESA Boss Is A Total Nintendo Fanboy

gallagher.jpgFormer ESA head Doug Lowenstein did a good enough job, but you never got the impression the guy was a gamer. Not that that's a bad thing, just an...observation. New ESA boss Michael Gallagher, though, he loves his games. Not only does he take on Washington Post games writer Mike Musgrove in a Halo 2, GHII, Fight Night and Wii Tennis and come away with a draw, the guy carries a DS Lite around his pocket. All day. Every day. Why? He likes to get one in the hands of politicians, show them a bit of Brain Training, remind them that only 8% of games released each year earn an M rating, convince them to get off our collective backs. I also like to think it's because he plays Advance Wars while on his executive can. As Comfortable on Guitar Hero as on the Hill [Washington Post]


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