New Eternity's Child Character Revealed

ecrani.jpgIn a world ravaged by global flooding, where the winged are hunted and killed by the wingless and murderous mechanical animals roam the land, who can an orphan with amputated wings look to for companionship as he journeys to find others like himself? Luc Bernard has revealed a new playable character for Eternity's Child, currently in development for the Wii. Angel will be joined on his quest by Rani, pictured above in the sketch sent to us by the artist himself. Rani is a boy who wants to be a girl, who joins up with the game's main protagonist Angel, helping each other reach their respective goals. Definitely a risky move on Bernard's part, but in a way it makes a certain thematic sense. A boy feeling out of place in the world and one feeling out of place in his body, both seeking a place to belong. Besides it's still relatively tame compared to his other project, The Rose Princess. Check out the gallery below for a larger view of the sketch, as well as a couple of new screens from the game showing off some of Angel's larger enemies.



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