New Japanese Book Asks Why PS3 "Failed"

31946642.jpg The PS2 was the undisputed last gen winner. Going into the current generation, Sony had a huge leg-up momentum and brand-wise. Many pegged the PS3 as once again the winner, but the PS3 has so far failed to live up to expectations. Japanese game journalist Kiyoshi Tane lays out why the PLAYSTATION 3 has been a bust in his new 207-page-book Why Did The PS3 Fail?. Tane, an editor at culture mag Continue, originally stated that the PS3 would be a success. Sensational titles aside, Tane apparently does a neutral job of examining the strife and costs that have resulted in mediocre sales and online black-lash. Not even a year in, it is a little to early to call the PS3 a failure. Fret not! Though, books being published calling it one isn't a good sign. Neither are Why Did The PS3 Fail? currently listing at #15 on the Amazon Japan sales ranking and the book boasting positive reader reviews. The PS3 still has a lot to prove before being called a success — and not just in Japan, too. Why Did The PS3 Fail? [Amazon via Canned Dogs]


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