New Nintendo Trademarks - Wii Handle?

wiibalanceblah.jpgNintendo has been busy at the Japanese trademark board recently, registering several new names that could hold a titillating look into future Wii products. Trademarked items include the Wii Body Controller, Mii Contest Channel, Nintendo Magic, Wii Handle, and something called Soma Bringer. Now the Wii Body Controller is probably the Wii balance board with a better name, and the contest channel speaks for itself. Nintendo Magic? The ability to make something called the Wii a commercial success? Powerful juju there. Soma was a ritual drink of importance among the early Indo-Iranians, Vedic and Persian cultures with hallucinogenic properties, so I am going to assume the Soma Bringer is a drug delivery device. Could be wrong. Finally we have Wii Handle, which intrigues me somewhat. Perhaps a unique user name for your Wii to do away with the cumbersome friend code system? I won't get my hopes up. It's probably just a carrying handle for your Wii. Guy can dream though.

Nintendo trademarks reveal new products? [CVG]


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