New PAL PS3 Bundle To Include Heavenly Sword, F1?

newstarter.jpgPoster by the name of Robinspain over at GAF has thrown up an image of what looks like the next PAL PS3 starter pack. If you remember, the current pack, which includes Motorstorm, Resistance and a second controller, was a “limited offer”, due to expire in Europe “soon” and in Australia after August 31. So the timing’s right. This pic shows Heavenly Sword and F1 to be the bundled games, the former to drive sales, the latter to, I don’t know, clear the warehouse’s stock. When asked about the bundle, SCE Australia would only say “we have no announcements regarding any new retail offerings in Australia”, while SCEE are sleeping, so we’ll update when we hear back from them.
SCEE announces NEW ps3 STARTER PACK [Robinspain @ NeoGAF]


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