New RockMan Dash, RE4, DMC, Breath of Fire - For Mobiles

rockmandash.jpgIf you folks are anything like me, reading the headline to this post was like feeling a nice, satisfying sneeze coming on and then having it fade away at the last minute. Capcom is taking some of their top franchises mobile, including my beloved Mega Man Legends series which returns as RockMan Dash: The Great Five Islands Adventure. Also slated for handsets is Resident Evil 4 Mobile Edition, Devil May Cry: Dante X Virgil, Sengoku Basara (Devil Kings) Tactical RPG, and Breath of Fire 4 Action RPG Edition. Looking at some of the screens shown on the GAMEWatch site, it might be time to pick out a gaming phone to tide us over until we get a new MegaMan Legends on consoles. It's All In Japanese - Capcom Mobile Games [GAMEWatch via NeoGAF - Thanks Archaotic]


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