Nielsen Tells Us About Gaming


Ten things I learned at the presentation by Nielsen Vice President Jeff L. Herrmann about their new measuring system for game play.

1. Men aged 18-49 play lots of video games. 2. Lots of people own consoles. 3. A lot of people watch American Idol. 4. Women play video games too! 5. A lot of kids play on the Wii, and they mostly play when they get back from school. 6. Gamers who play on the 360 and PS3 - they tend to be older - play in the evening. 7. Gamers are mostly playing on the PS2. 8. Gamers are getting interested in next-gen gaming. 9. The most played PC game is World of Warcraft. 10. After stating that the heaviest gamers play an average of 10 hours a week, Mr. Herrmann explained that he would rather use that time for sleep.

Jean Snow


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