Nintendo Backing Handheld Learning Conference

hl2007-logo.png In a pairing that is totally out of the blue, Nintendo is sponsoring next month's Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition, taking place next month in London (Oct. 10-12). This is the conference's third year running, and as its name would imply, the focus is on the application of everything from cell phones to the DS in educational settings. It's nothing new, but the use of new-fangled technology is gaining more traction in educational settings:

"The Handheld Learning Conference and Exhibition brings together so many thought-leaders it is natural that Nintendo gets involved with this important educational conference," said David Yarnton, Nintendo UK's general manager.

"As the biggest supplier of handheld entertainment, Nintendo is already driving learning across all age groups with its products, in particular the Touch Generations series, including Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain? and Big Brain Academy."

Graham Brown-Martin, managing director of Handheld Learning added, "The majority of gaming devices - and particularly those by Nintendo - all feature local and wide area networking capabilities, which are exploited by its software titles to enable positive social interaction and networks. Whilst the world has been focusing on the $100 laptop Nintendo had already developed one in the form of the Nintendo DS."

More information on the conference and exhibition can be found at the Handheld Learning 2007 website. [via Next Generation]


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