Nintendo Ignores America's Hatred, More Tingle Games Coming

tingledude.jpgI like Tingle. Funny guy. He's a very different, very...unique character. A lot of Americans, though...they hate. Hate Tingle! Whether through rampant homophobia or just differing tastes on what makes a good incidental Zelda character, we'll never know. What we do know, now, is that there are more Tingle games coming. So many Nintendo are kicking Tingle up to fully-fledged main character status. Kensuke Tanabe:

I heard from EAD that they decided not to use Tingle after Wind Waker because Tingle was unpopular, especially in the US. As a matter of fact, he did not actually appear in Twilight Princess. You may want to ask Mr. Aonuma about the future plan!

As for our team, SPD3 (Software Planning & Development Department, Production Group No.3), we have just started on our making-Tingle-a-main-character-project. In the works we produce, he will continue to move in his own direction.

See where your hate got you? It got you a whole load of new Tingle games. How you like them apples! Tingle Watches You Sleep [N-Europe]


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