Nintendo Says Get to the Back of the Box

nintendobuilding.jpg Nintendo knows it. People buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. So no wonder third parties don't get much respect! Mike Wilson from developer GameCock explains the situation:

...we discovered that it's actually the letter of the law with Nintendo to put the publisher's name on the front of the box and the spine, and the developer only on the back. Obviously, this flies in the face of our philosophy of who deserves the credit, and how gamers can actually see who made the game they love or hate, and thereby develop a relationship with their favourite artists, just like authors, musicians, directors, and so on. Nintendo of America says it's a customer service issue, and they believe people might try to call the developer if they have a problem with the game, and they want them to call the publisher, who is the licensee of NOA.

Sure, it's a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval thing, but c'mon. Seems like unnecessary branding on Nintendo's part — like they're taking credit or something. GameCock Interview [GameSpot via Go Nintendo]


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