Nintendo Suing Korean Websites

dslite.jpgNintendo's Korean arm announced this past week that they are taking action against websites and people that have uploaded dodgy copies of Nintendo software. Though piracy has been on the rise since the introdution of the DS Lite in January, this is the first time Nintendo has initiated legal action in Korean courts. Nintendo Korea "filed a suit with the Supreme Prosecutors' Office in Seoul against an unidentified number of users" and has encouraged prosecutors to probe further into individuals and sites suspected of piracy, but this is probably just the beginning:

"They infringed on our copyright by posting Nintendo's game titles through the Internet without our permission," a Nintendo spokesperson said. "The legal action was taken against only some sites and users this time but we will take further measures if such a violation continues to take place."

She declined to comment on how many sites and people are involved in the piracy suit. The legal action came after Mineo Koda, the Japanese chief executive of Nintendo Korea, had expressed concern about the lingering problem of piracy in South Korea that he said would pose a challenge to his company's business here.

Even if (and it's a big if) companies manage to get a handle on piracy in places like Korea or Taiwan, I have to wonder just what they're planning to do when it comes to the mecca for pirated goods - Mainland China. Legal action against piracy is getting to be serious business in a lot of Asia, and is raising some interesting questions about personal rights vs. the intellectual property rights of corporations.

Nintendo Sues Korean Web Sites Over Copyright [The Korea Times via Next Generation]


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