Nintendo's Llewelyn Hangs Up Her Hat

beth.jpg The rumours have been fluttering about for quite a time now: Word had it that Nintendo was going to lose a trio of experienced management types when they moved part of their offices from Washington State to the Bay Area.

Looks like the rumours continue to be true. Beth Llewelyn, senior director of corporate communications, emailed today to bid adieu saying that her decision was prompted by the need to relocate to the Bay Area, something that she and her family decided wasn't the right thing to do.

This news comes just months after Llewelyn told me at E3 that she was still trying to work things out. It's too bad that Nintendo appears to be taking such a hard nosed approach to this move. They've already lost marketing chief George Harrison for the same reason and I can't imagine that Veep Perrin Kaplan won't be far behind, unless she's down with the move.

Llewelyn, a mother of two, will be going from the world of Nintendo to the world of full-time Mom (talk about hard, but rewarding jobs) on Friday, ending her 12 year career with the company and pushing one more female exec out of Nintendo's doors and the gaming industry. Too bad, I really liked her.


    Hmm I thought Kaplan had gone already. Who's left there? Maybe they're all bored out of their minds with the lack of games to market.

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