No Cross Platform Online Games For Wii Says Square-Enix

hiromochi_tanaka.jpgFinal Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka said the company has no plans to bring its PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 MMO to the online-enabled Wii. He explained at the Austin Game Developers Conference that "Nintendo's currently not allowing different cross-platform titles, and [...]resolution differences make it harder for us to make cross-platform games. Currently we're not looking at Nintendo Wii as a platform." Not good news, but I doubt it will drive many of you to rooftop ledges clutching suicide notes penned on Chocobo stationery.

While Nintendo's clumsy and spartan online game offerings should ensure that this comes as a surprise to no one, Tanaka did reveal a slight surprise, according to Gamespot's report, in that he'll soon be able to reveal more of his next-gen online RPG. I've got five bucks on Final Fantasy XI-II.

Square Enix: Nintendo saying no to cross-platform MMOs [Gamespot]


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