No More Heroes Impressions


As a person who used to be a giant Nintendo fanboy, it's hard saying that it took Metroid 3: Corruption to make me dust off the Wii — it hadn't seen any action in at least four months - but I'm happy to say that I think No More Heroes will also be a play title for me.

I came to it with mixed feelings; I'd been excited when it was first announced - loved the style and attitude - but I haven't been a very happy Wii gamer, and so hadn't really been thinking about the title anymore. All that changed after one play session.

Admittedly, controls are on the basic side: you move around with the nunchuck controller, can lock target with the Z button, and then make your attacks with the A button. But once you make that attack, your flurry of attacks usually turn into a mini-game that has you either shaking or pointing your Wiimote in a particular direction, which then unleashes a special move, and if successful, a fountain of gold coins and the sudden appearance of a slot machine that can pump up that amount.

Another cool feature experienced during the demo was when a call came to the character's cell phone; to respond, you need to place your Wiimote's speaker to your ear to listen to the call. Gimmicky? Yes, but it worked great as a storytelling element, and helped put me "in" the game.

Add to this some stylish character designs, a retro pixel-inspired HUD/interface, and what looks like a wacky over-the-top storyline, and you've got the recipe for a game that rises above the seemingly unending streak of disappointing Wii releases.

Jean Snow


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