Nothing Quite Like Proposing With Viva Pinata

l_25379a0a8c17c1edb859e03e5065dfde.jpg Joining the ranks of World of Warcraft, Viva Piñata can now also claim its first wedding. Forum member PINATAcast posts:

To a few of my friends on here, you know i just bought a 360 and VP for the soul reason of getting my Girl addicted to VP and on her own system.

Well, i decided to propose to her this evening, so i sent the only diamond my digger has ever found, with a note attached asking her to marry me. When she got it (Across the room on the other TV) she giggled and said i was silly. Then i pulled out the real deal, got on a knee and started getting cried upon. She said yes, so next spring we are getting married!

Congrats! Don't be fooled. Viva Piñata isn't only a game, but a conduit for nerds to marry. Let's hope these love birds can put aside Viva Piñata on their wedding night. No gaming and consummating, k? VP Marriage [Pinata Island]


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