Oblivion, Fallout Engine Now Available For Wii

oblivionwii.jpgThe Gamebryo engine is a pretty one. It's been used in Oblivion, and is also being employed for Fallout 3 and Warhammer Online. Which you'd think would make it totally unsuitable for Wii, right? Right! Poor little thing just couldn't handle it. The duct tape would burst into flames! It can handle an "adapted" version of the engine, though, which engine creators Emergent Game Technologies have just announced. Don't expect miracles, but you should expect graphics nicer than what we've seen on the console (Mario Galaxy excepted) thus far. You can begin with the Oblivion-for-Wii rumours....now. Emergent Adds Wii Support To Gamebryo Engine [Gamasutra]


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