Odin Sphere Developer Reveals Wii Project

odin_sphere_wii.jpgVanillaware, whose latest gorgeous 2D games include Odin Sphere, pictured above, and GrimGrimoire for the PlayStation 2 have announced their latest game, this time for the Nintendo Wii. The latest issue of Famitsu, by way of 1UP, reveals that Oboro Muramasa Youtouden will follow in the 2D tradition, with a feudal Japan era setting that's loaded with paranormal enemies and mystical creatures. The best news? You play as one of two ninja.

No date is set for Oboro Muramasa Youtouden's Wii-mote swinging adventure, but we pray to the video game gods that we see more at TGS.

Vanillaware Unveils Wii Action Game [1UP]


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