Oh Noes, It's Jack Thompson Down Under!

Run. Hide. Find your mum and cry in her arms, or, for the more manly, your brother. Or something.

Has the man-o-law himself been spotted on our arid continent, raising havoc with Rockstar in Surry Hills or beating down the doors of Microsoft's home up north? Maybe... you'll find out by clicking the link below.jackdown.jpg [Thanks Luke Meehan for the pic!]


    Ah! That'd be the collection of Australian stories and such. Can't remember if it was written by Aussie actor Jack Thompson, or whether it was based off his show...

    Um, it's probably the actor?


    what link!?


    Nah, thats the good Jack Thompson.

    I think you should be banned.

    Yes, it's the actor. The really famous actor.

    Not the attorney (whose real name is John Thompson anyway).

    Now every time I read a story about He Who Must Not Be Named, I'm going to hear Clancy's Theme from The Man From Snowy River.

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