On My Own, Pretending He's Beside Me

To: Ash From: Fahey RE: Random Strangers Practicing English

With Crecente sequestered in a room somewhere and forced to play Halo 3 until his brain explodes, I've been pretty much left to my own devices here. Filling his shoes isn't an easy job, let me tell you. Once the fourteenth or fifteenth groupie showed up on my doorstep asking to stroke the long, luxurious locks that I obviously do not have I started getting a bit annoyed...mainly because my digital camera was running out of batteries. It's amazing how many people came to me for advice and decisions while he has been away. If I inadvertently ordered anyone's death I am terribly sorry. It is my first time - naturally people are going to die.

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With my flu symptoms kicking into high gear, I'm off to do the responsible thing - play more Dynasty Warriors: Gundam. Have a good night!


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