Orange Box Is Achievement Heaven (Or Hell)

Achievements.pngValve's upcoming Orange Box is making quite an achievement in the realm of achievements by offering 99 different...achievements...totalling the standard 1000 points. It's the most achievements offered by an Xbox 360 game in the entire history of mankind. Even dating back to times when amino acid swamps were converging to build proteins—before we even had "life" as we know it—nobody put 99 achievements in a game.

So what's better? A few bitchy achievements that give you a boatload of points? Or a million little achievements that are each worth nothing on their own? I prefer a multitude of achievements leading me like breadcrumbs through the game. Because that little Xbox beep signalling another achievement unlocking makes me salivate with the best of Pavlov's dogs. And it also gives me a craving for hydrogenated cheese.

The Orange Box - 99 Achievements! [DaKing240]


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