Orange Box PS3 Delay Not Because of PS3, Really!

Orange%20Boat.jpgWe told you yesterday that Valve's Orange Box would see a delay on the PS3 platform. But Valve wants to make sure everyone knows that's it's not the hardware, oh no. It's a commuting thing. While PC and Xbox 360 work is done by the core team in the states, the PS3 version is handled by an EA UK group. And that's like, thousands of kilometres away. Maybe tens of thousands. Maybe millions. No one knows for sure. So it takes longer. Especially when all communication is transfered by letters being transported by boats. Old ones. With sails. And masts. And poop decks.

That's why Orange Box PS3 is going to come out a few weeks late. Now you know.

Valve explains PS3 Orange Box delay [eurogamer][image]


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