Ore vs. Boku FIGHT!!

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Know this about Japanese: There are many ways one can refer to oneself. In English, we've got "I". Save for the royal "we" or the third person, that's about it really. But in Japanese, there are buckets of ways to say "I", some more formal than others, some female-only, some male-only. It's fascinating stuff! Until recently, Mini Bash has been referring to himself as "boku" when he says "I". It's male-only and fitting for little boys.

In comic books and cartoons directed at young boys, the characters usually refer to themselves as "ore". Thus, little boys think that saying "ore" is cooler than saying "boku". And they're right! Saying "boku" when you want to say "I" in Japanese is not nearly as bad arse as "ore". Though, coming from a four year old, it sounds, well, odd. (Coming from 40 year-old construction workers drinking vending machine sake, it sounds perfect.)

Tonight at dinner, Mini Bash started referring to himself as "ore". Mrs. Bashcraft stopped mid-chew and asked him not to refer to himself as that. Perhaps, she doesn't like the sound of it. Perhaps she wants him to be a little boy a little longer. Perhaps.

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