Pachter Dates GTAIV DLC

pachteruniverse.jpgAnalysts aren't just for predicting sales figures and price drops. No sir. A good analyst...say, one of Michael Pachter's calibre, can utilise their magical analysing sextant for any number of game-related prognostications. Take DLC release dates, for instance. Microsoft's exclusive episodic content for GTA IV was originally set to go live in March, but seeing as the game won't hit until possibly April, Pachter used his powers to deduce the adjusted drop date for said DLC.

"We note that the USD 50 million deferred revenue for GTA episodic content was reclassified as 'long term,' implying a release date no earlier than Q4 2008," commented Pachter in a note to investors following publisher Take Two's latest financial results.

He's a magic man, I'm telling you.

Episodic GTA IV content expected late 2008 - analyst []


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