PAL PS3 Starter Packs Will Vary Between Regions

hsps3.jpgThat Heavenly Sword/F1 PS3 starter pack? It’s official. Official for France, and France only. It’ll launch there on September 19, same day as Heavenly Sword. As for everywhere else, SCEE were most helpful in clearing up some of the muddly-duddlys surrounding these bundle packs, telling us:

To remove any confusion, the Starter Pack, with an extra controller and two titles is a SCEE wide initiative and has been launched in all of our territories. The choice of which titles to include in the Starter Pack, and the freedom to change the titles is up to the individual markets based on their unique market conditions.

OK. So from here until they stop offering these packs, expect each SCEE territory (and that’ll include Australia and NZ) to start mixing and matching their bundled games. Who knows, one of them might even get it right (HINT: Pro Evo will go down well).


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