PAL Virtual Console Gets Japan Only Games

marios_super_picross.jpgGoNintendo is reporting that a pair of former Japan exclusive Nintendo games Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels for the NES and Mario’s Super Picross for the Super Nintendo are now available for download via the Wii Virtual Console service. The two tiles would represent two of the first Nintendo published games that were Japan-only releases to make the transition to the service. In fact, GoNintendo also writes that Mario’s Super Picross contains unlocalised Japanese language text.

The news comes with another unusual move on Nintendo’s part. It would appear that Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels is available only for a limited time, with the title scheduled to disappear at the end of September. Could this be more evidence that Treasure’s Sin And Punishment will also leave its native Japan?

Our resident PAL-region Oceanic editor Luke Plunkett tells me that he doesn’t yet see the two games on the Australian VC, meaning this could be for Europe only.

Euro/Aussie VC update – Special news [GoNintendo]


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