PA's Khoo On E For All

bloodlesskhoo.jpgIn all honestly, calling E For All's announced 2008 show dates a conflict with PAX 08 is like calling getting poked in the eye with a sharp stick a conflict with free candy. Obviously people are going to pick one over the other, and in E For All's situation it truly is a case of move it or lose it. It's like they are trying to perfect some kind of twisted game expo that no one wants to go to. They're afraid a few people might show up this year, and they've decided to fix all of that by scheduling the event opposite PAX next year. The point I am trying to make is Penny Arcade's Robert Khoo is a lot more diplomatic than I am. FiringSquad recently interviewed Khoo about the whole messy situation.

But I'll be honest with you - since PAX started I've seen my fair share of consumer shows come and go (take IGNLive for instance). It's super hard to run one of these things, and I'd be surprised if E For All lasts longer than this year.

See that? He didn't once use the phrase 'complete fucking disaster'. Not even a hastily simulated jerking off motion. The man is all class. The interview explores the IDG folks' unwillingness to work with PAX on a compromise of some sort, with Khoo explaining that any reported attempts by IDG to contact Penny Arcade downright never happened, with promised phone calls never coming to fruition.

FiringSquad: IDG's CEO stated in an interview a couple of weeks ago that she planned to chat with PAX organizers within the next week to try to resolve the conflict with the 2008 dates. Has PAX organizers heard anything from her at all since that statement was made?

Robert Khoo: This is where I tell you she is a liar.

The overall gist of the interview is that the E For All organizers don't seem to have the slightest clue what they are doing. It's either that, or their crazy like foxes, with some sort of grand agenda our primitive minds cannot even begin to comprehend.

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with clueless as well.

Penny Arcade Expo Organisers On E For All Expo 2008 [FiringSquad]


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