Phoenix Wright 3 Pre-Orderers Get Plushy

phoenix_plush.jpgWhile Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations may be available right now, in English no less, in Japan and already in the hands of importers, the North American release gets a special bonus. No, I'm not referring to the sweet nectar of corrected typos from the Japanese release, but the pictured plush Phoenix that Capcom is giving away to those who pre-order the Nintendo DS game. It's perfect for squeezing, looking at, placing near you when you solve cases and general bragging rights.

Just think of the dust this thing will collect and the females it will frighten as it sits upon the shelves of those too old to own and publicly display these sorts of things. As Capcom staffers write, it will be available with pre-purchases made via Gamestop and the official Capcom online store.

New Ace Attorney Pre-Order Plush Exclusive! [Capcom Unity]


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