Plagachef Confirmed, Details to Follow

plagachef_anim478.gifFrom our tips box:

We saw Dave's LittleBigPlanet Justify Your Game clip this morning at Media Molecule and one of our graphic designers Jim promptly knocked this up!

So wait, does that mean Jim completed the logo and then proceeded to impregnate it? When Luke Plunkett saw the awesomeness of this custom Plagachef graphic, he thought/hoped/dreamed it was Media Molecule's new Tetris alphabet game (instead of an ironic jab at their own slogan seen here). I pretended it was, got him super excited and then broke the bad news that such a game is not on the horizon while dually informing him that Ash has been fibbing a bit during those "translated" booth babe conversations—but that I was sure they thought he was "hulky" nonetheless.



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