Plantronics Launches New PC Gaming Headphones

I’ve always been suspicious of companies with products that go out of their way to market and brand their stuff as “specially designed for gaming”. Anyone who’s ever used a pair of Creative’s Fatal1ty gaming ‘phones (which, I will shamefully admit, includes me) can attest the fact that “gaming” doesn’t necessarily mean “better”. Or even “good”.

I do own a Microsoft Habu mouse that is unreal, though.

Regardless, it was with extreme tentativeness that I headed along to Plantronics’ launch of its new range of .Audio headphone products last night, which included the .Audio 365 and 770 – apparently engineered with us gamers in mind. What this really means is that they come with huge-arse ear muffs, noise-cancelling mics and, for the 770, an open-ear design so when you’re at a LAN, you can still hear people telling you how much you suck behind your back.

We weren’t able to get specific prices last night, but Plantronics’ national retail sales manager Chris Brown did provide a $60-$70 price for the 365s and a $100+ for the 770s. StaticIce seems to agree as far as the latter is concerned, but we couldn’t shake a price out of it for the 365s.

The 770s are pictured above, and you can find a snap of the 365s after the jump.Audio365.jpg
I think these look more comfortable than the 770s, personally.


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