Play Halo 3 Early, Get Banned

halo3early.jpgBarely an hour goes by without a tip popping into our magical Kotaku mailbox regarding broken street dates for Halo 3. Copies are appearing on eBay around the world, companies are shipping out their copies too early, and in some instances, people are just being arsehats. UK gaming site Pro-G got their hands on a copy from high-street retailer Argos through their website, which this morning was allowing customers to order the game with an in-store pickup date of today. Before popping the game into their 360, however, they wisely contacted Microsoft. A rep for the company confirmed that anyone playing Halo 3 before the release date will have their Xbox Live accounts banned, going on to warn that simply playing offline will not work, as the moment you connect to live your play history will get you flagged for a ban. For those getting their hands on early copies, enjoy that new game smell... you've only got a week tops to wait! Microsoft threatens Halo 3 gamers with LIVE ban [Pro-G]


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