PlayStation Store Update: Tequila Time

pixeljunk_psn.jpgThe latest update to the PlayStation Store has gone live, hosting a digitally rights managed smörgåsbord of new content for PLAYSTATION 3 owners. In addition to new demos for Midway's Stranglehold (1337 MB) and EA's NBA Live 08 (661 MB), a slew of add-ons for already released games are available.

MotorStorm owners can pick up the Revenge Weekend add-on ($US5.99) which consists of one new track, five new vehicles (including a school bus!), a new online mode and nine new events. Four of those vehicles may be purchased individually for USD 99 cents each, if you're so inclined. For Ninja Gaiden Sigma players looking for more punishment, the Weapons Master pack adds five survival modes for $US2.99. But wait, there's more!Trailers for upcoming games include:

• Turok "Quiet Kills" Trailer • PixelJunk Racers Trailer • Heavenly Sword "Making Of" No. 5 and Anime No. 5 • Lair "World in Chaos" Video • MotorStorm "Coyote Revenge" Video

On the Hollywood front we have:

• Drillbit Taylor Trailer • Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer

Finally, a single Heavenly Sword wallpaper has been thrown on the pile. Fire up those fibre optic lines, kids, it's gonna be a busy night.


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